“Feed the Bees” is a dynamic partnership between the Earthwise Society and the Delta Chamber of Commerce. Both organizations are based in Delta, British Columbia, Canada.

The goal of the Feed the Bees campaign is to encourage individuals, businesses, organizations and governments to support a healthy and sustainable bee population and plant gardens to feed pollinators and encourage biodiversity in our community.

The project will educate the community about the importance of bee populations for local agriculture and ecosystems and encourage people to take action to provide food and habitat for bees and pollinators. This includes planting bee-friendly plants in public and private gardens, adopting mason bee hives and other initiatives.

The project is guided by a Steering Committee that includes the Earthwise Society, the Delta Chamber of Commerce, the Delta Farmers Institute, the Delta Farmland and Wildlife Trust, Westham Island Apiary and the BC Ministry of Agriculture Provincial Apiculturist.

“A catalyst for the creation of a sustainable community through empowering individuals to take responsibility for social, economic and environmental well-being.”

Established in 1982, the Earthwise Society has nearly 30 years experience in the development and delivery of environmental education programs. The mission of the Earthwise Society is to cultivate sustainable communities through environmental education and stewardship.

“Promote growth and prosperity; provide opportunities for members; and advocate for the interests of the Delta business community with all levels of government.”

Established in 1910, the Delta Chamber of Commerce is a federally-registered non-profit corporation of businesses and community organizations. It serves to create and maintain a prosperous environment for business, industry and commerce in our community and province.

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